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Nothing anyone else does is because of you. So stop taking it personally.


You are the manifestation of every decision you’ve ever made. A decision today determines who you are tomorrow.


When I decided to pursue a PhD in social media in 2008, people laughed at me. Some people are going to laugh at you no matter what, especially if you're the type of person who makes unconventional decisions. Let them laugh.


No amount of logic or reason will sway someone who’s made a decision based on identity and emotion


You can’t use logic to reason with someone who’s made an emotional decision. And vice versa, but less so.


How to increase your luck: Look 5-10 years into the future and determine what things will change and what things will stay the same. Make decisions based on the things you think are the most likely to change.


Bad decisions come more from a lack of observation than a lack of data


If you have to choose between effective social media copy or including your branded hashtag, the choice should be obvious...


Deciding to stay on your current path is just as much of a decision as it is to do something different


Humans aren’t rational Humans are rationalizers


Hone your ability to think before you decide what to think


Healthy decisions beget more healthy decisions. Unhealthy decisions beget more unhealthy decisions. Productiveness begets more productiveness. Unproductiveness begets more unproductiveness.

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