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Creativity boosters: • Taking a walk • Reading a book • Getting some sun • Eating healthy food • Welcoming boredom • Strenuous exercising • Exploring a new place • Trying a new experience • Getting a good night sleep • Interacting with creative people


The art of respectful disagreement is a lost art


Three skills that will only continue to grow in importance: Critical thinking, communication, and creativity.


Writing is an art Marketing is an art Videography is an art Photography is an art Graphic design is an art Communication is an art Cinematography is an art Social media is an art


Social media marketing is more art than science If it were a science anyone could replicate success time and time again


The five most marketable skills of the future will be the five C’s: • Creativity • Collaboration • Critical thinking • Communication • Common Sense


The best conversations are with creative, ambitious, enthusiastic people


My favorite creative hacks: • Sleep • Sunlight • Healthy food • Rigorous exercise • Meaningful conversation


Tweeting is art Business is art Athleticism is art Cooking is art Medicine is art Working is art Kindness is art Influencer content is art Parenthood is art You personality is art Thinking is art Friendship is art Conversation is art Marriage is art Everything you do is art


The value of creating content is that you learn about yourself. Gaining an audience is just a bonus.


Steal ideas from artists Steal ideas from philosophers Steal ideas from entrepreneurs Steal ideas from comedians Steal ideas from marketers Steal ideas from scientists Steal ideas from politicians Steal enough ideas from enough people and the ideas become your own


I’ve always found that movement spurs creativity. I’m rarely hit with an inspiring idea while laying on the couch.


If you want to stand out, you can’t do what everyone else is doing: If everyone else is shouting, you need to whisper If everyone else is sprinting, you need to walk If everyone else is formal, you need to be casual If everyone else is perfect, you need to be imperfect


Let your personality seep into the content you create. It’s actually your secret weapon.


People don’t use social media looking for specific content. People use social media to see what grabs their attention. You have to create something that immediately hooks someone.


The real secret to social media success is to create content that no one else can create.


Creativity should never get easier, you should just get better at it Exercise should never get easier, you should just get better at it Life should never get easier, you should just get better at it


Technology complements us, not replaces us. There will always be a need for human creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.


Boredom leads to one of these two things: more boredom or more creativity


There’s no such thing as an original idea. Everything is a remix of a remix of a remix.


Nothing sparks creative inspiration quite like a long walk


Everyone steals ideas. I just admit it.


Never underestimate the creative benefits of a long walk


Steal from one person to create something and it’s called plagiarism Steal from 100 people to create something and it’s called inspiration


It’s more fun to create than to consume


Create content that fits into your audience’s life. Not the other way around.


If you want to create a great organic post you need to create great art If you want to create a great paid post you need to create a great ad


Take things that aren’t supposed to be art, and turn them into art


Boredom is the best creative inspiration But now that we have endless stimulation devices in our pockets boredom has to be deliberate


Writing a clear social media bio is an unappreciated art


Most new ideas are just the combination of old ideas that no one has connected yet Thus, the best way to come up with new ideas is to consume as many old ideas as you can


The one thing that all great marketing has in common regardless of the medium or platform: creativity


It is more important to learn how to create effective content than it is to learn how to optimize posts for a specific social media platform • Popular platforms change • Algorithms change • Great content endures


A well-written tweet is a work of art


Everyone steals content ideas. Just don’t steal them from your competitors. Steal them from different industries so that you stand out from your competition.


I’ve never come up with a creative idea while binge-watching Netflix... but seem to get them all the time on long jogs


Everyone is an artist Everyone is a marketer Everyone is an influencer Just depends if you call yourself one or not


Great content creators look at their work and see room for improvement Arrogant content creators look at their work and see perfection


A great way to better understand anything is to talk to people about it Many of my tweets are the result of conversations I’ve had about social media, creativity, or just life in general

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