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We’re about to see a boom in live social media broadcasts: Concerts, workout classes, stand-up comedy, broadway, museum tours... This period will forever change the way we create and consume social media


Read better books, create better content Watch better television, create better content Follow better accounts, create better content Listen to better podcasts, create better content Consume better content, create better content


The value of creating content is that you learn about yourself. Gaining an audience is just a bonus.


You don’t create content because you’re good at creating content You’re good at creating content because you create content


Social media is not a dumping ground for all of your content. Content needs to be optimized for the platform you’re posting on. Your goal is to remove consumption friction, not to shove a round object through a square hole.


The real secret to social media success is to create content that no one else can create.


Create content for how people consume content, not for how you wish they consumed content


Create content people want to consume, not content you want people to consume


If you’re starting a business, create a product you’d want to use If you’re creating content, create content you’d want to consume


If social media is the main distribution channel for your content, then you need understand how people consume content on social media before you begin creating your content


It’s more fun to create than to consume


Social media content has a short shelf life. That’s not good. That’s not bad. That just is. To create the most effective content you have accept the realities of how people consume it.


If you want social media followers you can’t just be a consumer, you need to be a producer


Making something social isn’t about adding emojis or using slang. It’s about creating something fun to watch and easy to consume.


It’s not about making your content the best It’s about making your content easy to consume


Imagine selling something, creating ads, and then making those ads difficult to consume That’s what you’re doing when you post content that’s not optimized for the platform you’re posting on


Don’t focus on creating perfect content Focus on creating content that your audience finds relevant


A comedian doesn’t blame the audience if the joke falls flat A speaker doesn’t blame the audience if the speech doesn’t inspire A content creator doesn’t blame the audience if the content doesn’t resonate


You have a food diet. You have an information diet. Be cognizant of what you consume.


If your job is to create branded content you should be consuming as much branded content as possible You should have no less than 10 brands you can name that are creating interesting content.


Your brand’s organic social media posts are advertisements, so make them as easy to consume as possible.


We weren’t designed to use social media; social media was designed to use us. This isn’t good. This isn’t bad. It just is. But being aware of it helps you better understand the mechanisms at play, whether you’re creating content or consuming it.


Most new ideas are just the combination of old ideas that no one has connected yet Thus, the best way to come up with new ideas is to consume as many old ideas as you can


Steal so many great ideas that when you combine them you create something completely unique and specific to you or your brand


Consume less Consume better Consume thoughtfully Whatever it is you’re consuming


If you make it difficult to consume your content, people won’t


Great content creators look at their work and see room for improvement Arrogant content creators look at their work and see perfection


If you’re trying to target people on a specific platform you need to create content optimized for how people actually consume content on that specific platform


It’s seems inevitable that the YouTube business model where creators get paid for their content will eventually take over. If you’re a successful creator, why not get paid for your efforts? It’s why capitalism exists.

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