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The secret to writing effective social media copy: Social media is a light medium, so write casually. Write like you’re texting a friend. Write like you’re explaining something over a beer. Write like you’re telling your mom. That’s it. That’s the secret. Write it casually.


The secret to writing social media copy is to write it like you’re texting your friends


Bad copywriting: • Lacks context • Is difficult to read • Tries to do too much • Is needlessly complex • Uses unnecessary jargon • Is longer than it needs to be • Wastes your audience’s time


If you have to choose between effective social media copy or including your branded hashtag, the choice should be obvious...


There's good copy for an ad, and there's good copy for organic social. Sometimes they overlap. Sometimes they don't.


Being clever in your copy only matters if you’re also being clear


Format your tweets like an email with a subject line The first line gets your audience interested in reading the rest of the tweet


Your copy for a video posted on social media is like the description of a menu item at a restaurant: It doesn’t matter how good the dish is, if the description isn’t enticing no one will order it


Great creative tends to be great creative regardless of the delivery channel: • Good copy is good copy • A novel video is a novel video • An attention grabbing image is an attention grabbing image Be someone who can create innovative ads regardless of the delivery channel

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