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The 5-step guide to grow your social media following: 1) Decide why people should follow you 2) Create content in support of your why 3) Refuse to post content that does not support your why 4) Consistently post that content 5) Post more of what resonates, less of what doesn’t


Your audience might not want to hear from your brand today. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.


People think good social media is difficult. It’s not. Create content that does at least one of the following: -Educates -Entertains -Informs -Inspires


If you lead a social media team: Create a safe place where your team can openly discuss how to improve the content that’s working, how to kill the content that’s not working, and how you can remove any obstacles preventing your team from producing the best content possible.


The harsh realities of content marketing: • Going viral is mostly luck • It takes time to reap the benefits • You must consistently post content • Not all content provides a tangible ROI • People use social media to be entertained


Don’t focus on creating perfect content. Focus on creating relevant content.


Everyone new to social media marketing makes the same mistake: They create content that speaks to their brand’s needs instead of their audience’s needs. People only read stuff that will benefit them. Don’t believe me? I just got you to read this tweet by speaking to your needs.


Organic content marketing is the art of creating ads that don’t feel like ads. That’s why the following tactics can be effective: • Lo-Fi videos • Minimal branding • Real-time content • Writing like people talk • Memes and cultural trends


Building a community on social media is difficult because it cannot be achieved by posting one great piece of content. You have to post content that resonates over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.


Organic social media marketing summarized in a single tweet: Empathy: Imagine the experience from your audience’s perspective Community building: Create content that galvanizes your brand advocates Use common sense:


I don’t mind posting content that fails (I really don’t, it’s part of the job) I only mind posting content that I’m not proud of.


When creating content at live events: Your goal isn’t to capture the best photos or videos. Your goal is to capture the best moments.


When you first get into social media marketing and content creation, no one tells you about the amount of troubleshooting required


The biggest mistake people make in social media is thinking that posting is free Posting the wrong content can cost you your audience


Some content needs to go out quickly. Some content needs to go out perfectly. Know which is which.


Having to create social media content can feel overwhelming because the possibilities are endless. Solve for this by narrowing your focus: Create constraints, determine what you won’t post.


We are hardwired to respond to emotion over logic This is why emotional content will always outperform logical content


The value of a relationship isn’t in a single act, it’s in the accumulation of acts The value of an ad isn’t in a single ad, it’s in the accumulation of ads The value of content isn’t in one piece of content, it’s in the accumulation of content


Stats are a great way to determine what content has worked in the past. Stats aren’t a great way to determine what bold new ideas will work in the future. That takes experience and intuition.


There’s so much bad social media content because creating good social content is really hard


Create content for how people consume content, not for how you wish they consumed content


Business: Don’t focus on what you want Focus on what your customer wants Content: Don’t focus on what you want Focus on what your audience wants Life: Don’t focus on what you want Focus on what your loved ones want


If creating great content were easy, more people would do it


I don't want to create average content. I don't even want to create above-average content. I want to create content that people talk about.


When creating content for social: Spend as much time figuring out how to get people to stop and watch your content as you do creating the content itself


Being good at social media is less about knowing what content will work, and more about knowing what content won’t work


If social media is the main distribution channel for your content, then you need understand how people consume content on social media before you begin creating your content


Approach organic social media the same way you approach life: Add value and you will attract the right people, the right audiences, and the right opportunities


I’ve never noticed the “ideal times to post on social media” advice to matter what-so-ever Bad content sinks. Good content rises. Don’t overthink it.


Social media content has a short shelf life. That’s not good. That’s not bad. That just is. To create the most effective content you have accept the realities of how people consume it.


The ability to create good content is like any other skill: The more you do it the better you get So if you want to get better you have to post, and post often


Posting a great piece of content on the wrong platform is like trying to eat soup with a fork: It doesn’t matter how great the tool is if it’s the wrong tool for the job


Content marketing is selling without selling


Quibi would have been more successful if their marketing had focused on the quality of their content instead of the uniqueness of their format


The best way to accelerate your follower growth is to create content so good people share it with their friends


You make your social media posts easy to read because if you don’t there’s an easier post to read right underneath yours


Imagine selling something, creating ads, and then making those ads difficult to consume That’s what you’re doing when you post content that’s not optimized for the platform you’re posting on


People often ask me how I create B2B content. My answer is simple: The same way I create B2C content.


Content is never about what’s best Content is about what’s best for the platform you’re posting on


Maybe part of the reason why timely content works so well is because there is less time to overthink it, less time to make it “perfect”, and less time for someone else to “improve” it Maybe we get in our own way more than we realize


Your brand’s organic social media posts are advertisements, so make them as easy to consume as possible.


Your brand gets just as much benefit from posting great content as it gets from avoiding posting bad content


Great content has a compounding effect: 1 piece of great content = 1x 100 pieces of great content = 10,000x


Creating content that puts your customer’s needs first is a great way for your brand to signal that they put their customer’s needs first


Your job when creating content: Find the overlap between what your brand wants to say and what your audience wants to hear


If the main distribution channel for your content is social media, then you need to optimize your content for social media


Get this: If you’re a brand you can stick to just posting content that your audience might actually enjoy


I assume more people are watching social media videos with the sound on because they no longer have to worry about disrupting others around them. Capitalize on this by creating videos worth listening to. Get people in the habit of turning on the sound when they see your videos.


You can’t expect to build an audience if you’re not posting anything worthy of an audience’s time


Organic social media only solves your message distribution problem if you’re creating content people want to share

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