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Success looks a lot like consistency over a long period of time


You can’t build a relationship overnight. You can’t build a community overnight. You can’t build a brand overnight. Building takes consistent effort over a long period of time.


Consistency is a great substitute for brilliance


There’s no hack for getting fit. There’s no hack for building a community. There’s no hack for maintaining a meaningful relationship. All the best things in life require consistent effort over long periods of time.


The 5-step guide to grow your social media following: 1) Decide why people should follow you 2) Create content in support of your why 3) Refuse to post content that does not support your why 4) Consistently post that content 5) Post more of what resonates, less of what doesn’t


The difference between successful social media accounts and really successful social media accounts is that really successful social media accounts say no to posting almost everything


Building a community on social media is difficult because it cannot be achieved by posting one great piece of content. You have to post content that resonates over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.


One magical date doesn’t result in a meaningful relationship One in-depth conversation doesn’t result in an enduring friendship One amazing piece of content doesn’t result in an engaged audience These things take time, effort, and consistency


You build an audience through consistency: • Consistent tone • Consistent posting • Consistent language • Consistent aesthetic • Consistent messaging


• Consistently exercise to get fit • Consistently read to get smarter • Consistently post to grow your audience Consistency is the key


Everything in life is compound interest: • Doing your 100th workout yields more results than doing your first • Reading your 100th book yields more results than reading your first • Posting your 100th piece of content yields more results than posting your first


Growing your social media following is like getting fit: • It won’t happen overnight • Consistency is key • Create a plan • Adjust that plan as needed • Shortcuts do more harm than good • Results compound after time • Never compare yourself to fitness models


Most branded organic social media fails because it tries to do too many things It’s better to do one thing well instead of several things poorly


Take at least one photo every day: become a better photographer Craft at least one joke every day: become a better comedian Post at least one tweet every day: become a better writer Consistency leads to proficiency


If you gave someone $100, you wouldn’t call them rich. But if you kept giving them $100 bills, at some point you’d have to call them rich. Same with organic content. One great piece of content isn’t where the real value is. The real value is in the accumulation of great content.


I’ll let you in on my best social media community building hack: Work really hard, consistently.


Social media rewards prolific publishers There tends to a positive correlation between consistent volume and follower growth


The success of your previous posts determines the success of your future posts. Consistently posting engaging content will elevate an occasional average post. Consistently posting unengaging content will make it difficult for great content to stand out.


Social media rewards proficiency. The most popular accounts post, and post often.

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