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How to instantly become more charismatic: Leave your phone in your pocket when you’re having a conversation with someone. That’s it.


Surround yourself with people who want to have conversations, not win conversations


Communication is less about adding things, and more about ruthlessly subtracting every single element that fails to increase the clarity of your message


Most people don’t get what they really want because they’re afraid of having an uncomfortable conversation


Three skills that will only continue to grow in importance: Critical thinking, communication, and creativity.


Writing is an art Marketing is an art Videography is an art Photography is an art Graphic design is an art Communication is an art Cinematography is an art Social media is an art


The five most marketable skills of the future will be the five C’s: • Creativity • Collaboration • Critical thinking • Communication • Common Sense


The best conversations are with creative, ambitious, enthusiastic people


If you lead a social media team: Create a safe place where your team can openly discuss how to improve the content that’s working, how to kill the content that’s not working, and how you can remove any obstacles preventing your team from producing the best content possible.


Replaying old conversations in your head is one of the least productive habits you can even form


As soon as you want to win a conversation, you’ve lost


If you spend conversations waiting to say your piece, you're only listening to yourself


One magical date doesn’t result in a meaningful relationship One in-depth conversation doesn’t result in an enduring friendship One amazing piece of content doesn’t result in an engaged audience These things take time, effort, and consistency


Social media marketing isn’t about ignoring all traditional marketing wisdom. Quite the opposite. Instead it’s about applying what we know works to a new communication channel and adjusting as needed.


When you write to impress, you don’t When you write to communicate, you impress


To better understand social media you need to better understand these three things: 1) Interpersonal communication 2) Timeless marketing techniques 3) The intricacies of different social media platforms


The best way to be a good conversationalist is to let the other person do most of the talking


Effectively communicating your idea is just as important as the idea itself


Social media marketing is the combination of traditional marketing and interpersonal communication Don’t sacrifice one for the other


School isn’t only about education Eating isn’t only about being hungry Email isn’t only about communication A wedding isn’t only about commitment Religion isn’t only about a supreme being So much of what we do isn’t only for the reasons we say they’re for


A boring professor can ruin an interesting topic, while an excellent professor can make even the most boring of topics come to life How you deliver the message is just as important as the message itself


Social media does not happen in a bubble You cannot understand how to effectively use social media as a tool unless you understand the fundamentals of marketing/communication/brand/strategy


Apply proven marketing and communication techniques to reach your social media goals. Social media is just a new tool that helps humans do the same things we’ve always done. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need new solutions to solve old problems.


During periods of uncertainty, it’s better for impacted companies to use social media to over-communicate as opposed to under-communicate


Loading your writing with jargon, clichés, technical terms, and abbreviations makes your audience guess what you’re trying to tell them Your job is to convey your ideas as clearly as possible so that there is no room for misinterpretation


You’d be surprised by how many successful people would take the time to talk to you if you just tweeted at them


Your job when creating content: Find the overlap between what your brand wants to say and what your audience wants to hear


Social media buzzwords like “authenticity”, “thought-leadership”, or “snackable” have all been rendered meaningless because they have been co-opted by charlatans Increase clarity by defining terms like these for yourself


Some of my best tweets come from conversations with strangers. Try it sometime.


The selfish thing to do when you find yourself in an interesting conversation isn’t to dominate it, it’s to shut-up and listen


I often tweet about the importance of empathy in marketing This week taught me the importance of aplomb in crisis communication


If you don’t waste your audience’s time they’re more likely to listen to you If they’re more likely to listen to you they’re more likely to trust you If they’re more likely to trust you they’re more likely to buy from you


I apply what I know about evolutionary psychology to social media so that I better understand how we use this form of communication. By understanding how our brains are hardwired, you can better predict how we will use any new technology.


Better understand community building to better understand social media Better understand social psychology to better to understand social media Better understand interpersonal communication to better understand social media


If you want to understand how people use technology to communicate, you first need to understand how people communicate without it


A great way to better understand anything is to talk to people about it Many of my tweets are the result of conversations I’ve had about social media, creativity, or just life in general

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