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Communication is less about adding things, and more about ruthlessly subtracting every single element that fails to increase the clarity of your message


Cheatsheet for writing better tweets: • One idea per tweet • Write for clarity first • Write for wit second • Delete superfluous words • Use analogies when possible • Bad formatting can ruin a great tweet


Just because I disagree with someone doesn't mean I can't still be impressed with the clarity of their thinking


Tweeting is writing. Writing organizes your thoughts. Organizing your thoughts clarifies your thoughts. Clarifying your thoughts improves your thinking. Tweeting improves your thinking.


How to immediately improve your social media writing: • Be clear • Be casual • Be concise


Your messaging — above all else — has to be clear. If you can also be funny, be funny. But if you can’t do both, always choose clarity over humor.


Loading your writing with jargon, clichés, technical terms, and abbreviations makes your audience guess what you’re trying to tell them Your job is to convey your ideas as clearly as possible so that there is no room for misinterpretation


Being clever in your copy only matters if you’re also being clear


Social media buzzwords like “authenticity”, “thought-leadership”, or “snackable” have all been rendered meaningless because they have been co-opted by charlatans Increase clarity by defining terms like these for yourself

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