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Don’t like your mood? Go exercise Don’t like your job? Look for a new job Don’t like your partner? Break-up Don’t like your friends? Get new friends Don’t like your life? Change your habits


Traditional career paths are overrated. Take two steps forward. Take one step back. Go left. Go right. Go up. Go down. Twirl in a circle. Do a 360. There isn’t one route.


Quitting isn’t always a bad thing. Quit reading that book you don’t enjoy. Quit that job you’ve plateaued in. Quit that relationship that is no longer healthy.


If you only ever listen to the experts in your industry, you’ll only ever be as good as everyone else who listens to those same experts


Want to retain the best talent? Don’t get in their way


You can’t be a social media marketing expert if you’re not a marketing expert


If you’re just starting your social media marketing career: Learn how to distinguish between timeless marketing wisdom and outdated tactical advice. Some lessons endure, while others are already obsolete.


Untraditional career paths are more common than traditional career paths


Loving what you do is the biggest competitive advantage I know of


If your job is to create branded content you should be consuming as much branded content as possible You should have no less than 10 brands you can name that are creating interesting content.


The best social media advice I have: Give it away for free. All of it. All your content. All of your secrets. Everything. Don’t ask for anything in return. Don’t hard sell. Just build the reputation of an authentic brand one post at a time.

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