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Want to hire the best talent? Let them live where ever they want


A great product with bad marketing is no longer a great product


If great social media marketing was easy every brand would have great social media


Don’t steal content inspiration from the competitors in your same industry. Steal content inspiration from the best in a different industry altogether.


The best way to separate yourself from your competition is to take inspiration from outside of your industry


Asking someone to click a link is asking them to trust that you’re not wasting their time. And that trust has to be earned.


No one cares about your brand. People only care about what your brand can do for them.


When you create a great brand you create a monopoly Anyone can sell you flavored carbonated water, but only Coca-Cola can sell you a Coke


Watch your competition, don't imitate them


Don't spread your resources too thin: It's better to be great on one social media platform than mediocre on several


Business: Don’t focus on what you want Focus on what your customer wants Content: Don’t focus on what you want Focus on what your audience wants Life: Don’t focus on what you want Focus on what your loved ones want


You can’t use social media to create desire for your product or service. You can only use social media to channel existing desire and direct it towards your product or service.


Your audience owes you nothing. They wouldn’t miss your brand if you stopped posting. You have to earn their attention every single time you post.


Knowing what people actually want is much more important than knowing what people say they want


Advertising matters for one reason: because it works


You take the time to build an engaged audience so that when you have something you want people to hear, they are already eager to listen


No brand has ever “hacked” their way to social media success


When you copy someone else the best you can ever be is a second-rate imitation of that person


If the main distribution channel for your content is social media, then you need to optimize your content for social media


In business it’s best to be customer obsessed In content it’s best to be audience obsessed


Constantly chasing your competition is a great way to assure you never pass them


Monitor your competition, don’t copy them


Use social media to differentiate yourself from your closest competitor


Playing to your strengths is just as important as knowing your weaknesses. Both as an individual and a brand.


Making money is like finding romantic love is like gaining social media followers: The more value you provide, the easy it is to attract

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