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The problem with social media marketing isn’t that it doesn’t work, it’s that brands don’t want to do what works


If great social media marketing was easy every brand would have great social media


People overestimate organic social media’s ability to drive direct sales, and underestimate its ability to build a lasting brand


Long-term marketing: Brand building that endures over time. Short-term marketing: sales-focused activations that increase revenue. Both are important. Long-term marketing builds brand equity. Short-term marketing cashes in the equity you’ve built.


Practicality is how you sell a product. Emotion is how you sell a brand.


If you want great ideas you have to risk having bad ideas If you want a great brand you have to risk having a bad brand If you want great content you have to risk having bad content


Three social media predictions: 1) Brands hire social media hosts to become the face of the brand on social 2) Visual content gets even more weird and abstract 3) The popularity of Tik Tok will increase “performance/remix” style of content across all platforms (IG especially)


The best way to separate yourself from your competition is to take inspiration from outside of your industry


The more you brand something on social media, the more it looks like an ad. The more something on social media looks like an ad, the less willing people are to share it.


No one cares about your brand. People only care about what your brand can do for them.


If you love social media marketing but don’t love brands, you’re missing the point


When you create a great brand you create a monopoly Anyone can sell you flavored carbonated water, but only Coca-Cola can sell you a Coke


When creating content at live events: Your goal isn’t to capture the best photos or videos. Your goal is to capture the best moments.


Being authentic on social media is a side-effect of a good brand strategy. It's not the strategy itself.


Just because it’s “free” for your brand to post on social media doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost you anything


Two things social media is great for: 1) Brand Awareness 2) Brand Affinity Brand Awareness: Create content that appeals to as many people as possible Brand Affinity: Create content that transforms causal fans into brand advocates


I believe brands should reward their followers for taking the time to follow them.


Social media is fun Don’t be afraid to have some when posting — especially for a brand


Social media does not happen in a bubble You cannot understand how to effectively use social media as a tool unless you understand the fundamentals of marketing/communication/brand/strategy


The formula: Great product + Great marketing = Brand advocates


No brand has ever “hacked” their way to social media success


Your brand gets just as much benefit from posting great content as it gets from avoiding posting bad content


Your job when creating content: Find the overlap between what your brand wants to say and what your audience wants to hear


Get this: If you’re a brand you can stick to just posting content that your audience might actually enjoy


Not all brands are created equal Not all audiences are created equal Not all companies are created equal What works for one won't necessarily work for another


The secret to building a passionate audience on social media is not to be brilliant, but to be a little bit better than the other guys.


No one goes on social media to hear from your brand. They go on social media to be entertained. Accept that, and the quality of the content you produce will increase.

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