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Attention is not free. That’s why marketing exists.


Your attention is now the most valuable thing you own. Spend it carelessly you can end up depressed and unhappy.


Determining what is worthy of your attention and effort is half the battle


People don’t use social media looking for specific content. People use social media to see what grabs their attention. You have to create something that immediately hooks someone.


I find it hard to believe that social media has shortened our attention spans when people are regularly binging entire television seasons in a single sitting Perhaps we’ve just gotten more selective with what’s worthy of our attention


Strangers owe you nothing. The least of which their attention. So if you want someone’s attention you better give them something worth paying attention to.


Money works like attention: If you want it, you need to provide people with something of value


Watch how people use social media. They quickly scroll through their social media newsfeeds, barely pausing. They abandon videos that don’t immediately grab them. They jump from one app to another and back. This is your reality when trying to get people’s attention.


Social media hasn’t shortened our attention spans Social media has shortened our attention spans for boring content


Your audience owes you nothing. They wouldn’t miss your brand if you stopped posting. You have to earn their attention every single time you post.


Asking your audience a question if they aren’t already engaging with you is like walking into a party and shouting a random question. People just will ignore you and go back to what they were doing. You need your audience’s attention before you can expect a response from them.


Social media hasn’t ruined anyone’s attention span. It’s that people doesn’t use social media to be advertised to, they use it to be entertained. So if they aren’t instantly entertained they quickly move on to the next piece of content.


Before social media you could buy people’s attention On social media you have to earn people’s attention


If your content wouldn’t grab your attention you better be able to explain why it would grab someone else’s attention


The competition for attention on social media is higher than on other mediums You have to be more fun, more casual, more captivating, more gratifying, more compelling, more intriguing, more provocative, more unique, more absurd, more playful... More attention-worthy


Your audience’s attention is in low supply and in high demand Your content must instantly hook someone, or else they’re already on to the next thing


If you just assume that your audience will give you their attention I can assure you that they won’t

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