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Best predictor of success: Innate ability to allocate time properly.


Formula for startup success: Find large highly fragmented industry w low NPS; vertically integrate a solution to simplify value product.


Don’t write a book but instead start a subscription only newsletter. 20x more money plus recurring revenue.


Best predictor of company success: Intellectual rigor of founders and executive team.


Best technique I have learned for engaging in an activity that is productive but not enjoyable: Comnit to it every single day so it is never a discretionary decision.


Key lessons of PayPal: FOCUS; Hire undiscovered talent; Intellectual rigor & harmony; Need a distribution advantage & underwriting edge .


The foundation of a successful culture and organization is rigor of thought.


Don't hire optimizers when you need problem solvers.


Counter-intuitive but key startup advice: Solve the key & most difficult risks ASAP, not later.


Ironically, the busiest people are usually also the best at allocating their time.


In a competitive market, it is impossible to alter prices by fiat without affecting supply or demand, or both. It is that simple.


To ensure the stock markets function properly, SF is imposing a minimum price per share for companies operating in the City.


New investment strategy: Every startup needs to have at least one Steph Curry on the team to be funded.


Instead of focusing on “alignment,” search for the best answers.

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