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4X founder // CEO of @CustomerCampCo // I help product teams figure out what triggers people to buy so they can market smarter // Seen in @forbes @inc @usatoday

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If you think the customer discovery process is "too slow" and you'd rather jump straight to building stuff... ...just wait and see how long it takes to acquire new customers when you build the wrong thing.


How to be "an overnight success" in any industry: Work for 5, 10 or even 20 years under the radar making oodles of mistakes until you finally get a big break. That's it. That's the secret.


There are 3 times when you should be talking to your customers: 1. When business is bad and you need to figure out why 2. When business is great and you want to maintain momentum 3. When business is ok, but you know it could be better The lesson? Always talk to them.


Want to double your revenue? DOUBLE what you know about your customers.


Don’t let people sitting on the sidelines tell you how to play the game. Business is not a spectator sport.


Perfectionism is just procrastination with a snooty accent. Just ship it already.


Founders: If you expect some freelance marketer or copywriter to know more about your customers than you do... You’re in for a world of pain.


Underpromise. Overdeliver. Wise advice that too few companies adhere to.


In a world where everyone is chasing quick wins and overnight success, playing the long game can be your secret weapon.


Good ideas spread. I wouldn’t worry that someone is going to “steal your idea”—if it really *is* a good idea, chances are that people are already working on something similar. Don’t obsess about new competitors. Obsess about wowing your customers. That’s how you win.

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