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Note to self: Without a deadline... it's just a dream.


Some of the world’s most creative people schedule time just to think. This ‘thinking time’ isn’t spent hunched over a laptop. They’d go for walks, people-watch in the park, or read poetry. The lesson? You can’t force yourself to have breakthrough. But you can coax it out.


If there’s no deadline then it’s just a dream.


When someone explains a complex topic simply in a way that finally makes it *click* for you, be grateful. Chances are it’s taken them weeks, months or even years of work to get to that point. Beautiful simplicity usually starts as a hawt mess. 🔥


Create before you consume. Commit to spending your first 30 minutes of the day writing, designing or building stuff—rather than scrolling social. Presto! You just got an extra 2.5 hours back each week.


You are not your customer. Don’t assume that they think—or buy—the same way you do. A little research now will save A LOT of time later.


It took me 5 days to create a new 1-hour online training. Why so long? The way I look at it, it’s not about filling an hour of airtime. It’s about distilling 10 years of learning into only 60 mins so that participants can leapfrog the years. Very different exercise.

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