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4X founder // CEO of @CustomerCampCo // I help product teams figure out what triggers people to buy so they can market smarter // Seen in @forbes @inc @usatoday

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It sucks when you’ve got a new product idea and your customer research proves that your assumptions were wrong and no one really wants your product. It sucks way more when you don’t do any research and spend months (or years) building the wrong thing.


Building a marketing plan without doing customer research first is like drawing with your eyes closed. You still end up with a finished picture, but it will likely be a fugly mess.


Marketers need to deeply understand their audience. It’s *literally* their job. Yet many marketers can’t get buy-in to talk to customers. They’re expected to build a plan based on data and anecdotes from other team members. The problem? Empathy doesn’t travel through osmosis.


When it comes to customer research many believe it's a numbers game They think more = better You can survey 1000 people, but many will give shallow answers Or you can talk 1-on-1 with 10 customers & go deep to really understand what makes them tick Depth often trumps breadth


Audience research hack: Listen to podcasts where your ideal customers are interviewed. You’ll hear real prospects describe their hopes and challenges in their own words. And the stories they share will help you build empathy. P.S. empathy is a super power. 💥


You are not your customer. Don’t assume that they think—or buy—the same way you do. A little research now will save A LOT of time later.


Doing qualitative research is like using a metal detector on the beach to find gold. You’ll figure out where to dig faster but you still need to do tests to see if you found real gold or fool’s gold. Not doing research is like randomly digging holes hoping to find something.


Knowing *what* your audience is searching for will help you get traffic. But it’s knowing *why* they want it that drives sales.


If you want to grow your social media following then take the time to check out the profile of each new follower. You can learn a lot about your audience with each 10-second analysis.


There are two kinds of marketers in this world: 1️⃣ Marketers who want to deeply understand their audience 2️⃣ Marketers who want to deeply understand their audience AND *actually* do the unglamorous yet wildly effective research needed to realize that goal.

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