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Unlearning is a massively underrated skill.


You know those articles about “successful” people? Their morning routines. How they plan their days. Most of those articles are horse shit. Those people aren’t you. Observe others, but more importantly observe yourself. And when you find what works for you, do more of that.


Many of the smartest people I know battle imposter syndrome. I think it's a good thing. Humility drives you to be better. When you stop feeling like an impostor... that's when I'd worry. It means that you've stopped trying to level-up. Growth is rarely comfortable.


Personal “growth hacks” - Sweat - Read a book - Do the scary thing - Listen - Get up early - Believe in yourself - Laugh - Get outside - Make mistakes


The price of that new life you want is your current, comfortable life. Growth is uncomfortable.


Don’t expect growth to be easy. That’s a recipe for disappointment. Prepare for a long journey on a bumpy road. Be ready for sleepless nights and disappointments. Expect to feel uncomfortable at times. But don’t forget to stop along the way to celebrate how far you’ve come.


Confirmation bias is a dangerous thing. Don’t just seek out information that confirms what you already believe is true. Actively seek data that conflicts with your worldview. You’ll learn more that way.


Unlearning is a massively underrated skill. If you want to be “right” then you must also be willing to change your mind when presented with new information. It’s not personal. 💛


When it comes to mastering skills, you can always tell the “drive-by gurus” from the practitioners. Drive-by gurus will read a few books or blog posts and think they know a subject inside-n-out. True practitioners are painfully aware of how much they still have to learn.


Don't compete with other people. Compete with *you* from yesterday. Those small, daily improvements will compound quickly. You'll be your best you before you know it.


There’s no shame in saying “I don’t know.” Just keep it real and keep learning.


Growth is uncomfortable... But it’s worth it.


Being a good marketer doesn’t mean you’ll be good at sales — or vice versa. They’re different skill sets. That said... both marketers and salespeople can up their game faster by learning more about each other’s craft.


Buying a new pair of Nikes won’t magically make you a better athlete. Just like buying an online course won’t make you a better marketer. Wanna up your game? You need to put in the work.


Do hard things. Even you don’t win, you grow. So you still kinda win.


If sales’ mantra is ABC, marketing’s should be ABL: Always be learning


When confronted with new information, it’s ok to change your mind. The most successful people learn to unlearn.

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