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Marketing strategy ≠ tactics Tactics are inputs. They’ll vary in effectiveness and should evolve as needed. The strategy is your guiding light. It’s the *why* behind the *what.* The problem? Many teams don’t take time to design a strategy. They just start doing shit.


Great marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It feels like entertainment, education, and problem-solving.


Word-of-mouth from happy customers is still my all-time favourite marketing channel.


Building a marketing plan without doing customer research first is like drawing with your eyes closed. You still end up with a finished picture, but it will likely be a fugly mess.


Your happiest customers are the best copywriters. Use their words in your copy and showcase their success stories/praise to let them do the selling for you.


What’s the most undervalued skill in marketing? Listening.


If your product sucks, no amount of marketing can save you.


The most successful marketers don’t know more about the latest hack or tool. The know more about... people.


The best marketers aren’t creative geniuses. They’re empaths who know how to turn customer stories into brand stories.


The best marketers are social scientists. They're insatiably curious about what makes people tick, click and buy. 🤓


Marketers need to deeply understand their audience. It’s *literally* their job. Yet many marketers can’t get buy-in to talk to customers. They’re expected to build a plan based on data and anecdotes from other team members. The problem? Empathy doesn’t travel through osmosis.


The best marketers don’t just know more about the latest channel, tool or tactic. They know more about: people.


Marketing tactics don’t stop working because too many people start using them. They stop working when too many people use them *badly.* Good content will always rise to the top.


Happy customers are the best marketers 💛


Empathy is a superpower in marketing. And, while I’m all for data-driven marketing, you won’t build empathy by running A/B tests or analyzing site traffic. You need to talk to people. (Ideally people who recently bought from you and will share their story).


Being genuinely nice is an underrated marketing strategy.


To be a great marketer you don't need to be the smartest person in the room. Or even the most creative. You just need to: 1. Deeply understand your customers 2. Convert customer insights into words and visuals that evoke action If you skip step 1, step 2 is infinitely harder


Want to get better at marketing? Be curious about people. Be willing to dig deep and explore how customers think. The best ideas are rarely obvious. They’re in your customer’s head just waiting to be discovered.


The best marketers don’t know more about the latest channel, tool or tactic. The know more about their customers.


Helping is good marketing. Right now your audience probably needs more help than ever. Don’t go silent on them. Figure out how you can help.


Happy customers are your best marketers.


The best marketers don’t know more about channels or tactics than their peers. They know more about people.


Marketing is helping. Keep that in mind as you plan your strategy.


Audience research hack: Listen to podcasts where your ideal customers are interviewed. You’ll hear real prospects describe their hopes and challenges in their own words. And the stories they share will help you build empathy. P.S. empathy is a super power. 💥


If you’re a freelancer who does your own marketing... Stop comparing yourself to in-house marketers at known brands or VC- backed startups.


If you’re a marketer, hearing your customers describe their hopes, dreams and fears in their own words is like having the cheat codes.


The best marketers don’t know more about the latest tactic, tool or channel. They know more about... people. Invest accordingly.


Smart marketers don't sell products or services—they sell desired outcomes (and then position their solution as the best choice). Smart consumers know this. Don't get seduced by lofty promises or marketing hype. As the saying goes, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." 🙀


Fake scarcity is lying. Saying your program or workshop is "half sold" when you haven't even opened the doors yet is shady. Marketers need to stop teaching these methods. There are legit ways to create scarcity that are just as effective (and far less cringe-worthy.)


Marketers: Clarity is the antidote to shiny object syndrome. Clarity is the antidote to overwhelm. Clarity is the antidote to imposter syndrome. But as painful as it may be, true clarity comes from engagement—not thought. Engage your audience. Gain clarity. Grow faster.


Heyy Marketers 👋 You don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS just because other peeps are doing them. (And don’t let other marketers guilt you about it either)


Full-stack marketers don’t exist. Marketing is too vast a discipline for any one person to master it all. Expecting a marketer to know it all is like expecting a doctor to be an expert in all maladies. Sounds great in theory, but would you bet your life on it?


Being a good marketer doesn’t mean you’ll be good at sales — or vice versa. They’re different skill sets. That said... both marketers and salespeople can up their game faster by learning more about each other’s craft.


Marketing is about helping. Sales is about helping. Product is about helping. Want to grow faster? Help better.


Every marketing, product or sales strategy discussion should start with the customer's needs and work backwards.


If sales’ mantra is ABC, marketing’s should be ABL: Always be learning


There are two kinds of marketers in this world: 1️⃣ Marketers who want to deeply understand their audience 2️⃣ Marketers who want to deeply understand their audience AND *actually* do the unglamorous yet wildly effective research needed to realize that goal.

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