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4X founder // CEO of @CustomerCampCo // I help product teams figure out what triggers people to buy so they can market smarter // Seen in @forbes @inc @usatoday

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If you think the customer discovery process is "too slow" and you'd rather jump straight to building stuff... ...just wait and see how long it takes to acquire new customers when you build the wrong thing.


Understanding what people want is interesting. Understanding *why* they want it is where the real gold is buried.


I roll my eyes when gurus tell freelancers to “charge what you’re worth” This advice is ass backwards Price isn’t a reflection of *your* value It’s about the *value you create for customers* Don’t charge what you’re worth Find buyers who get outsized value from what you do.


You’re not your customer. Your customer has a problem and is looking for a solution. You recognized the problem and built the solution. Clearly, YOU think differently. Rather than assuming you know what they need, go talk to them and then meet them where they actually are.


You don’t have to guess what your customers care about. They’ll tell you. The problem? Too few people invest the time to listen.


Innovation doesn’t always require invention. Your customers don’t care what’s under the hood—you can use readily available 3rd party tools and tech. Your customers only care about how well you solve their problems.


Helping is good marketing. Right now your audience probably needs more help than ever. Don’t go silent on them. Figure out how you can help.


People often get confused by the word “brand” A brand is much more than logos, colours and fonts. That’s part of it, sure. It’s not just about what it *looks* like. It’s about how you make people *feel*


Telling founders simply to “build something people want” is at best unhelpful... and at worst condescending. Founders are trying. Hard. Of course they WANT to build great products. Let’s stop spouting platitudes and start giving more actionable guidance, please.


It seems like many online course creators think that giving their students *more content* means they’re giving *more value.* Wrong. No one wants more content. They don’t want to learn for the sake of learning. They want faster outcomes. Design for outcomes. Cut the fat.


People don’t buy things because of who they ARE. They buy things because of who they want to BECOME.


When it comes to customer research many believe it's a numbers game They think more = better You can survey 1000 people, but many will give shallow answers Or you can talk 1-on-1 with 10 customers & go deep to really understand what makes them tick Depth often trumps breadth


There are a lot of different ways to get feedback from your customers: ☎️ Sales calls 📝 Support tickets 👥 Chat 📞 1:1 Interviews 👩‍💻 User tests 🖍 Surveys 👯‍♂️ Focus groups 👓 Light online stalking


It’s way, wayyy harder to make people want stuff than it is to sell stuff people want. Translation? If you haven’t nailed the market need and the product positioning, you can funnel oodles of money into acquisition, but it will still feel painfully slow.


If a customer stops using your product or service and you don’t at least attempt to learn WHY, you probably didn’t deserve their business in the first place. And no, exit surveys don’t cut it. 🤓 Talk to people. 🔍 Learn. 📈 Improve. 🚀 Repeat.


People buy from people they know, like and trust. You can buy your way into being known. The other two must be earned.


Knowing *what* your audience is searching for will help you get traffic. But it’s knowing *why* they want it that drives sales.

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