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4X founder // CEO of @CustomerCampCo // I help product teams figure out what triggers people to buy so they can market smarter // Seen in @forbes @inc @usatoday

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Marketing strategy ≠ tactics Tactics are inputs. They’ll vary in effectiveness and should evolve as needed. The strategy is your guiding light. It’s the *why* behind the *what.* The problem? Many teams don’t take time to design a strategy. They just start doing shit.


Word-of-mouth from happy customers is still my all-time favourite marketing channel.


Building a marketing plan without doing customer research first is like drawing with your eyes closed. You still end up with a finished picture, but it will likely be a fugly mess.


Simple ≠ Easy Running a marathon is simple. Just keep running. But it’s not easy. Saving money is simple. Just spend less than you make. But it’s not easy. Getting customers is simple. Just sell what they want. But it’s not easy. Sometimes the simple things are hella hard.


Want to double your revenue? DOUBLE what you know about your customers.


You’re not your customer. Your customer has a problem and is looking for a solution. You recognized the problem and built the solution. Clearly, YOU think differently. Rather than assuming you know what they need, go talk to them and then meet them where they actually are.


People don’t buy because of *who they are* People buy because of who they want to *become*


It’s not B2B or B2C... It’s B2H. Wanna grow faster? Invest in learning about the actual *humans* who buy from you—not just their titles, industries or demographics.


Conte[x]t is king. Your customers don’t actually want more content. They’d happily spend less time skim reading blog posts or watching webinars on 2x speed. They’d rather just jump to actioning what actually matters to *them* right now. Create context or risk being ignored.


People buy from people they know, like and trust. You can buy your way into being known. The other two must be earned.


Tactics come and go. A deep understanding of your ideal customer? That’s forever.


Underrated business advice: Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean your customers should be. Too many newbie business owners target solopreneurs and early-stage startups because that’s who they know. Sell stuff to people who have a pain AND will pay to solve it.


Knowing *what* your audience is searching for will help you get traffic. But it’s knowing *why* they want it that drives sales.


Whenever you can, build an audience *before* you build your product. Trust me—your future self will thank you. 🤗


Every marketing, product or sales strategy discussion should start with the customer's needs and work backwards.

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