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4X founder // CEO of @CustomerCampCo // I help product teams figure out what triggers people to buy so they can market smarter // Seen in @forbes @inc @usatoday

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You can choose your preferred target market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll choose *you* back. You shouldn’t just pick the market with the most money. Or the one that’s easiest to sell to. You should pick the market that gets the most value from your thing.


If you want to be known for something, keep talking about it. It may start to feel repetitive to you, but I promise that your audience isn’t actually paying that much attention to you. Remix and repeat it. It works.


Leaders, if you want to build a thriving community, You must care about the people you serve. Genuinely care. Give them your time. Listen. Shape the community around their needs. You can’t outsource caring. You can’t delegate it away. It’s the leaders’ job to care the most.


Audience research hack: Listen to podcasts where your ideal customers are interviewed. You’ll hear real prospects describe their hopes and challenges in their own words. And the stories they share will help you build empathy. P.S. empathy is a super power. 💥


Influence isn’t about follower count. It’s about trust.


If you want to grow your social media following then take the time to check out the profile of each new follower. You can learn a lot about your audience with each 10-second analysis.


Whenever you can, build an audience *before* you build your product. Trust me—your future self will thank you. 🤗

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