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Currently https://inspirit.work/. Formerly design VP @ FB. Author of The Making of a Manager https://t.co/I599Y0C8vI. I love people, products, and words.

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Ask people all the time for feedback. Make your asks specific, and your tone curious so it's safe for the other person to tell something critical.


It doesn’t cost you anything to tell someone about something you truly believe they are good at. In fact, it creates tons of value for that person and for you.


People often ask me what product design actually is. To design products is to understand what needs, wants, or problems people have, and to construct something that will help solve that problem.


Spend the vast majority of your energy ensuring you got the defaults in your product experience right. Never use “but we added an option...” as a crutch. Only power users use options.


You can't change how you feel. But. 1) You can change your actions in response to those feelings. 2) You can change the environment that lead to those feelings. 3) You can change the narrative in your head. Focus on what you change.


A small battle for you may be a big battle for someone else. It doesn't mean you or they are doing it wrong. The same waves hit us differently. You don't know how long someone else has been in the ocean. You also don't know if they're facing other sharks underneath the waves.


Be right, and be satisfied for an instant. Be wrong, and you can learn something new for a lifetime.


Valuing diversity means valuing disagreement. But I know many people (including myself sometime) who want to pursue the former while avoiding the latter. Disagreeing may be uncomfortable, but done respectfully it leads to better outcomes.


To truly change someone's mind, you first need to truly care about them.


To accelerate your progress on any given goal, you either need to... Spend less time thinking/preparing and focus more on DOING. or Slow down on execution and spend more time PLANNING to make sure you're working on the right thing.


Good design understand its context.


The best advice tends to come less from the smartest or most experienced people, but rather the ones who read you and what you need the best.


As appealing as the desire is for simple goals and rubrics in decision-making, “One true metric to rule them all” does not exist. There is no substitute for good judgement and vision.


Every strength contains a weakness.

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