Jeff Morris Jr.

Jeff Morris Jr. quotes on tips to founders

Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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Your startup probably won’t work. Pick a problem you’d be proud to tell friends about 10 years from now, even if it fails. The worst failure happens when founders spend years grinding on a problem they don’t care about & finally admit this to themselves when things fall apart.


Tech companies should do a better job engaging their Alumni Network. The level of pride employees might have after departing a company could feel more like graduating college. Few companies engage their alumni. A powerful & underutilized asset for hiring, referrals & goodwill.


Incredibly tough to find founders who are strong at both product and distribution. Left brain: distribution Right brain: product Most often, I see great product minds who do not understand distribution. This generally catches up with them as they raise their Series A.


When an investor gives you product advice, ask yourself: 1. Have they ever built a product? 2. Is the feedback motivated by their desire for returns or what's best for your customers? 3. Are they actively using your product? Many investors give feedback without doing the work.


The most underrated personality trait in tech is patience. * We want products to ship faster to acquire more customers. * We want portfolio companies to succeed faster to return capital to LP's. * We want to get promoted faster to keep up with friends & peers. Be patient.


Founders: if your company recently went through a pivot, be clear about this during pitches. Some entrepreneurs avoid pivot conversations, like it’s an embarrassing part of their history. Own your journey & explain what you’ve learned. Better for investors to find out from you.


Founders: when an investor sends you an "I'm going to pass on investing" email, be sure to respond. Keep that relationship alive.

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