Jeff Morris Jr.

Jeff Morris Jr. quotes on tech industry

Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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The best consumer product people I know often come from random walks of life. They are not CS grads from top universities. They didn’t start their careers as Google PM’s. They have unique backgrounds (education, career path, hometown) that make them view the world differently.


Tech companies should do a better job engaging their Alumni Network. The level of pride employees might have after departing a company could feel more like graduating college. Few companies engage their alumni. A powerful & underutilized asset for hiring, referrals & goodwill.


We want innovation, but we’re quick to criticize those who try and fail. Most crypto projects built today will go to 0. Most VR apps will be “too soon” for consumers. Most AI use cases will be commoditized over time. Innovation is hard. Don’t be a jerk when good people fail.


Anything that can be copied will be copied in consumer tech.


“Superhuman for X” doesn’t mean you have a great business idea. The best designers can create beautiful products. But the best designers usually cannot create new markets. I love product driven companies, but don’t assume amazing design will create a huge market opportunity.


The tech industry has an amazing way of humbling you. The minute you think you’ve accomplished something special, you meet someone who has done way more in their career. These moments always seem to arrive at the moment when you’re becoming too confident. Keeps you hungry.


My favorite product leaders are people who have strong opinions and zero ego. So hard to find.


3) As an industry, tech is very casual. This casualness means that people who act like professionals stand out even more. Strive for that.

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