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Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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In sports, many great athletes spend their careers on the wrong team & their talents go to waste. I’ve seen the same thing happen to many of my most talented friends in tech. They pick the wrong teams & their skills are never seen by the world. You have to pick the right team.


One signal of a great team: Any given team member can leave the company at any moment — and you’ll still be just as successful. If your team relies too much on one person, you need to build a better mentorship culture. Too many startups learn this lesson the hard way.


Mediocre managers treat you like a report. Good managers treat you like a teammate. Amazing managers treat you like a partner. Find the last one.


Behind every product, there’s a long list of heroes who rarely get public recognition they deserve: 1. Engineers who stayed at the office after everyone left. 2. Designers who gave critiques at the perfect moment. 3. Office staff who create amazing energy at work everyday.


Most companies have tons of underutilized talent: * Employees overlooked during executive transitions. * Teammates who struggle to scale with a startup as the company grows. * People in the wrong role. Find these people and help them be productive. You can change their life.


Distributed teams are better for diversity. The focus of the conversation is usually about employees “quality of life” but companies should embrace distributed teams because you can build teams with different perspectives. Teams get better as you increase diversity of thought.


Build products with: * Teammates who inspire you to be more creative when you share ideas. * Leaders who challenge you to become a better version of yourself. * Companies who trust you to own the products you build and hold you accountable for their success and failure.


Challenges at a high growth company: 1. Be disciplined about hiring the right people. It can take months before you make an offer. That's okay. 2. Transition from "everyone owns a bit of everything" to "everyone owns one thing" & empower teams. 3. Hire more senior employees.


There is no better feeling than winning with teammates you love.


A great product team should feel like Ocean's 11. A well-crafted & diverse group with many different skills.

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