Jeff Morris Jr.

Jeff Morris Jr. quotes on marketing

Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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Most startup pitches underweight on distribution strategy. You can build the best product - but if you distribute through the same channels as everyone else, you aren’t being creative enough. Create a distribution strategy that surprises the people you pitch. You’ll stand out.


GTM strategy: Build a good product.


The best digital products create a feeling of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is easier to feel with physical products like leather goods. Ways to design digital craftsmanship: 📖 Tell the story of the makers. 🤗 Give your product a distinct personality. 🐣 Include Easter eggs.


Tech startups were more focused on community building from 2010-2015. There were more startups doing Uber style city launches & playbooks were built for activating communities. As we move away from “local rollouts” we should still focus on community. A powerful product moat.


Founders who say "VC's don't understand what I'm building" as a fundraising excuse: VC's hear 1000+ pitches in a year. If they don't get your product, it's probably your fault. Simplify your messaging. Improve your product. VC's aren't the problem. Your pitch needs work.


The best SaaS companies have private Slack channels for clients. New level of customer service. Makes you feel like you're on the same team.

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