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Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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Underrated for hiring talented people: Build a company that sparks “dinner party interest” for employees when they talk about the startup. We all want our friends and family to be interested in what we do. The stronger the dinner table reaction, the easier recruiting will be.


It’s never been harder to hire an engineer in Silicon Valley. It’s never been easier to hire an engineer outside of Silicon Valley. Hiring teams who internalize this and become experts at distributed hiring (sourcing, vetting, onboarding) will transform their companies.


"One of the most important components of learning is motivation. It's considered one of the best determining factors of student success." Motivation is an underrated quality. We spend too much time during interviews asking technical questions. Figure out if they're motivated.


I’ve always wanted someone to build a way for everyone to be a headhunter in their free time. Every major tech company has referral bonuses for their employees. Make this bonus available for anyone who sends a candidate & build a global + distributed recruiting team.


An early-stage portfolio company just hired their lead designer from their waitlist. Founder sent him a personal email & they closed the candidate within a week. One easy hiring hack is to research who signed up for your beta. You probably have future employees on that list.


I've often seen "hiring paralysis" when hiring PM's. Example: "We want a PM with a Data Science background who has experience solving [x] problem." Try to be more flexible when hiring PM's. If you find incredibly smart people, they will usually figure it out.


A portfolio company with a 5000+ person waitlist asked for advice on where to hire their first engineers. I told them they probably have an entire engineering team on their waitlist. Hire from your waitlist.


Challenges at a high growth company: 1. Be disciplined about hiring the right people. It can take months before you make an offer. That's okay. 2. Transition from "everyone owns a bit of everything" to "everyone owns one thing" & empower teams. 3. Hire more senior employees.

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