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Jeff Morris Jr. quotes on growth

Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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Most startup pitches underweight on distribution strategy. You can build the best product - but if you distribute through the same channels as everyone else, you aren’t being creative enough. Create a distribution strategy that surprises the people you pitch. You’ll stand out.


GTM strategy: Build a good product.


Waitlists are the new MVP: Make sure your product is worth the wait. I see founders copy Robinhood waitlist mechanics — then realize that waitlists only drive growth when customers are insanely excited to use your product. Focus on your core product. Then ask people to wait.


"Dashboard paralysis" happens when you stare at the same metrics every single day. You accept these metrics as your reality, stop innovating & become obsessed with optimizing a small set of KPIs. Your product needs a bigger vision than dashboards. Don't stare at them too long.


Scarcity only works if people *really* want your product. I'm seeing a new wave of startups who are creating "Supreme for [x]" only to realize that nobody cares. Hypebeast culture is not a replacement for building products that solve a real problem in our lives.


Tech startups were more focused on community building from 2010-2015. There were more startups doing Uber style city launches & playbooks were built for activating communities. As we move away from “local rollouts” we should still focus on community. A powerful product moat.


Challenges at a high growth company: 1. Be disciplined about hiring the right people. It can take months before you make an offer. That's okay. 2. Transition from "everyone owns a bit of everything" to "everyone owns one thing" & empower teams. 3. Hire more senior employees.


Amazing product > growth hacking


Repurchase behavior is the most important metric for revenue products. Customer is telling you they enjoyed the experience. Focus on this.


I've met hundreds of growth hackers. Amazing how few of them have actually built a successful product.

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