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Jeff Morris Jr. quotes on finding ideas

Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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Your startup probably won’t work. Pick a problem you’d be proud to tell friends about 10 years from now, even if it fails. The worst failure happens when founders spend years grinding on a problem they don’t care about & finally admit this to themselves when things fall apart.


The best consumer product people I know often come from random walks of life. They are not CS grads from top universities. They didn’t start their careers as Google PM’s. They have unique backgrounds (education, career path, hometown) that make them view the world differently.


My favorite framework for new business ideas: "Find a market that thrives on its lack of transparency and make it transparent." My favorite entrepreneurs all have their own frameworks to develop new ideas. When you adopt a framework, the creative process becomes much easier.


Product is: 1. Coming up with 100 ideas and realizing that 99 are terrible, but 1 is promising enough to pursue. 2. Going down rabbit holes for a living and never getting bored. 3. Finding out that "someone already tried that" and convincing yourself that you can do better.


I hear about a team building "Superhuman for X" almost everyday. A new category of companies is being built in a space which I call luxury software. We have luxury goods in our physical lives: cars, fashion, homes. Luxury software will be built for every tool we use at work.


The most important lesson I’ve learned for developing new products: You don’t have to be the first person to come up with a product idea. In fact, that will rarely be the case. But you can almost always make an existing idea better. And that’s when you get the big wins.


The art of naming companies is not talked about enough. I often see pitches that would feel entirely different if the company just picked a better name. A few words of advice: 1. Simple is always better 2. Create an emotional response 3. Try not to sound like a tech company


Asking an investor to sign an NDA before sending a seed stage deck is like asking someone to sign a prenup before a first date. Not the best way to start a relationship.


When people tweet about a billion dollar business idea someone else should build — it’s probably not a billion dollar business idea. Otherwise they would be building it.


“Everything in mobile has already been built.” Try to operate your life on a phone without a computer for an extended period of time. You will discover many mobile products that still need to be built.


“Superhuman for X” doesn’t mean you have a great business idea. The best designers can create beautiful products. But the best designers usually cannot create new markets. I love product driven companies, but don’t assume amazing design will create a huge market opportunity.


How to come up with product ideas: 1. Dig into data & identify broken parts of your funnel. 2. Use your own products & be honest about the experience. 3. Get outside your office & meet new people. 4. Work with with amazing designers & engineers. 5. Talk to customers everyday.


The products you build should: 1. Help your customers become a better version of themselves. 2. Create a new reality for your customers and challenge their expectations of your products. 3. Always solve a fundamental human problem.


I hear a new “we’re building the next Proctor & Gamble” pitch every few weeks. The model is a CPG studio creating multiple product lines with a shared service layer. Make sure this model isn’t due to a lack of conviction for a single idea. Building one winner is hard enough.


I spoke to a very successful investor recently who said that he invests in “obvious” wins. Obvious. A simple and powerful approach. The same framework works for building products. We all try to be too creative at times. Build the obvious wins.


More startups should focus on helping you become a better family member. The world is so busy and it's easy to forget the small things.

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