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Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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Early in my career, Ron Johnson (creator of Apple Stores) visited my company to talk about customer service. When my teammates asked questions, he asked for each person's name. As his talk ended, Ron repeated the names of every single person in the room. Customer service.


When building products, it’s so easy to feel self doubt. You have OKR’s to beat and teammates who rely on your decision making. It can be paralyzing. The best thing you can do is get outside of your own head and go talk to a customer. That’s how you get your confidence back.


Most internet businesses don’t reward their most loyal users often enough. Build your own version of a “frequent flyer program” if you have a subscription business & want to improve retention.


Employees should have easier ways to talk with customers across the world. Surveys are impersonal. Focus groups have too much friction. I want a chat room where I can segment customers by age/gender/geo. We can have real conversations & customers get tips for their feedback.


Product is... 1. Showing empathy for customers when internal politics try taking you in another direction. 2. Breaking the rules of your product when you're told those rules will never be broken. 3. Making brave decisions and letting customers decide if you're right.


Product leaders must remember: 1. Customers don’t care about your org charts. 2. Your emotional connection to your product won’t matter if customers don’t feel the same way. 3. Your job is to build products that customers need, which is usually different from what you need.


In product, utility is a customer expectation. To build special products, you need to: 1. Fulfill customers desire to find community (tribalism). 2. Reinforce your customers dream identity (wish fulfillment). 3. Create a more exciting lifestyle that others can see (signaling).


If you work in product and say that you’re “too old to use that product” as an excuse for not following a consumer trend, you are being intellectually lazy. Go outside and talk to someone who uses the product. Be curious. Do the work.


Customers don't care about your standups, spec reviews, or your technical challenges. They care about the product in their hands. That's it.


The products you build should: 1. Help your customers become a better version of themselves. 2. Create a new reality for your customers and challenge their expectations of your products. 3. Always solve a fundamental human problem.


In investing: past success is no guarantee of future results. The same is true for building products. When you build a blockbuster product, your next product will still likely fail. Product market fit is incredibly hard for everyone & customers don't care about past results.

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