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Founder at ChapterOne, an early-stage product fund. Building Product Club this summer. Before VP Product, Revenue at Tinder.

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When interviewing at startups, you should ask hard questions: * What’s your path to profitability? * How much fundraising is required to get there? * How much will employees get diluted? * What’s your burn? * How much runway is left? You are interviewing the company too.


I wish I knew when I started my career: 1. Equity: ask for price/share & total number of outstanding shares 2. Team: you will be more proud of the friendships you build than any product you ship 3. Career: find the best company, not the best title What do you wish you knew?


When looking for a startup to join, search for companies who are “succeeding despite themselves”: 1. Product funnels aren’t optimized 2. Marketing channels still being tested 3. Operations are messy If customers love the product despite this, they have early product market fit.


In sports, many great athletes spend their careers on the wrong team & their talents go to waste. I’ve seen the same thing happen to many of my most talented friends in tech. They pick the wrong teams & their skills are never seen by the world. You have to pick the right team.


Companies who didn't hire me when I was trying to "break into" tech: 1. Google 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. Airbnb 5. The list goes on... Own your failures & stay focused. When a company gives you a chance, prove everyone else wrong. Still motivates me every single day.


If you work in tech long enough, you'll have plenty of missed chances. People are amazed when I tell them I applied to be employee #10 at Uber & employee #15 at Airbnb. Focus on the next one. I joined Tinder after a few heartbreaks (no pun intended). You'll get your win too.


The risk/reward of being a "founding team member" vs. a "founder" is fascinating to me. So many people join startups as early employees & take on founder level risk, without founder level rewards. If you join a startup as an early employee, make sure your equity is generous.


The best part about our industry is meeting people you want to collaborate with for the rest of your career. This happens very rarely — maybe 1-2 people at every company you join. When you find these people, keep them close & invest as much time in the relationship as you can.


Mediocre managers treat you like a report. Good managers treat you like a teammate. Amazing managers treat you like a partner. Find the last one.


You should surround yourself with people who want to be the "best ever" at what they do. Even if they don't reach that peak, it's inspiring.


Always remember the people who help you in your career.

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