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Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Non-serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”.

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Want someone to read the whole thing? Write half as much.


The more I want to write something the better I write it. I’ve realized that If my writing is shit, it’s because I don’t care about the topic. Right now I’m writing something I’m fired up about, and the words, phrases, and angles are flowing.


Few things are as intellectually - and professionally - satisfying to me as writing a great sentence. I can’t get enough of a good string of words.


What makes great writing? To me, rhythm rises to the top. Great writing has momentum, it has bounce, it propels you along. It’s like jumping gently from one trampoline to another, never slamming into hard ground. And by the end, you feel better for having read it.


You can ruin a perfectly good sentence by staring at it too long. Same thing is true for a paragraph and a page. It’s often better to just stop and walk away for a while. Coming back, not staying and staring, is what brings clarity.


I think better when I’m walking, I write better when I’m sitting, and I plow through minutia best when I’m standing.


If you don’t like how you’re writing, stop. Go away and come back later. Time’s a great writer.


I just love the editing process. For me, it’s so much more rewarding than the writing process.


I sit down to cut 800 words down to 400, and I end up with 1200. Know the feeling?

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