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Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Non-serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”.

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You can do big things with small teams, but you can't do small things with big teams. And small things are often all that’s necessary.


One of the things a company should do best is protect and preserve their employee’s time and attention. Truly scarce resources.


Excellence is not just found at the top. You can be excellent at many different levels. An excellent beginner is a great place to start.


“You’re lucky you’re only 50 people… We’re 300, we could never work that way.” We’re 50 on purpose, we could be 300 too.


Giving someone your full attention is giving them your respect. Partial attention is disrespectful when someone expects your full attention.


In the world of feedback, friendly feedback and honest feedback aren’t even in the same universe. Be one who gives it straight.


Even when you hire one person, you are hiring a team. That person joins a team (even if they just join you), so a team is what you get.


Group work craves predictability and organization. People know their own messes, but have a very hard time navigating someone else’s…

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