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Jason Fried quotes on problem Solving

Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Non-serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”.

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Project stuck? Throwing more time, money, and people at it is like struggling in quicksand - you only get more stuck. Instead, scale it back, slice it up, siphon resources away from it on a specific date. Limits, not unlimited, helps things finish up.


Not only can most things wait, most things should. You either can’t stop thinking about them, or those thoughts fade away. Let time do some work for you.


One of my favorite moments when working on a new product is knowing something isn’t quite right yet, but that it’s oh so close. Idea’s right, elements are there, but things haven’t quite come together yet. It’s the thrill of getting warmer, not hot yet. Eventual discovery.


These “Nobody can leave the room (or go home) until we figure this out” declarations you hear in business from time to time make it *harder* to find the solution, not easier. Stepping away, and sleeping on it, is a better approach. Perspective + rest is a friend, not a foe.


Feeling like you’re on to something is the best feeling in business. Sometimes its short lived and violently snuffed out, other times it pleasantly lasts decades, but however long it goes, it’s always special.


When something resonates with the masses, there's something to study. Easy to dismiss the mainstream, but it's better to understand it.


My mind isn’t made up about many things. We’ve got a whole life to figure things out.

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