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Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Non-serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”.

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In the same way that sound isn’t music, traffic isn’t audience.


Customers don’t churn. They leave.


I’ve never used the term “burn rate” in our business. Terrible phrase. They’re called “costs”. Beware fancy financial terms, they’re commonly used to create unhealthy abstractions. Further, you don’t burn money - you spend money, you pay rent, you invest in people, etc.


So many marketers, growth hackers, and sales pros talk about “2x’ing or 10x’ing your revenue” or whatever. There’s room for an honest one to say “I can probably help you pick up 3-5%”.


Don’t call it a burn rate. Call it a spend rate. The money isn’t burning, it’s being spent. Burning suggests it’s a fire that’s roaring out of your control. “We’ve decided to spend $4MM/month on…” is coming to terms with your decisions.


“But they have 120,000 customers!” Well that may be because they *need* 120,000 customers to pay for the 2130 people who work there. But that’s their overhead, not yours. You do what you need to do, not what they need to do. 45 customers may be plenty for you.

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