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Founder & CEO at Basecamp. Non-serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work”.

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When making something new that clearly competes with something that exists, gravity will pull you towards trying to do everything they do PLUS the new stuff you want to do. I’d encourage you steer clear of feature parity. Instead, handle common struggles in novel, unique ways.


1.0 is not all your ideas, it’s simply what made the first cut. Which is one of the most frustrating things about a 1.0 - it’s not *everything* you wanted to do, and you can’t wait to dive back in to build more stuff. Always a wild mix of excitement and frustration.


When building products/features, always try the weirdest thing first, as it only gets harder to get weirder as real deadlines approach.


Some of the things you do in the final few months before launching something brand new: Second guess, change, change back, hone, edit, tweak, cut, sneak in, wonder, defend, promote, remind, rethink, bet, guess, get goosebumps, hold back, push forward, and go!


Giving features catchy names is like giving something a handle - it lets someone pick it up and run with it. It's a good idea.

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