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Author of the #1 NYT bestseller Atomic Habits. I write about building better habits.

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The person who learns the most in any classroom is the teacher. Lesson: If you really want to learn a topic, then “teach” it. Write a book. Teach a class. Build a product. Start a company. The act of making something will force you to learn more deeply than reading ever will.


Italy is known for tomatoes. Thailand for chilies. Germany for sauerkraut. But tomatoes originated in Peru. Thailand imported chilies from Central America. Sauerkraut started in China. Everything is a remix—and the world is better for it. Share what you know. Learn from others.


Friendship happens on the way to something else. If you “try to meet new people” it feels weird and forced. The more you aim for friendship, the more it eludes you. But if you aim to learn or achieve something with others, friendship happens naturally during the shared pursuit.


As a general rule, the optimal strategy is to treat people as friends and attempt to win together rather than to treat people as enemies and attempt to win on your own.


Intelligence is interdependent. No single person can build a smartphone from scratch. Together we make them every day. The great multiplier of intelligence is cooperation. The collective brain of humanity vaults us to the top of the animal kingdom, not individual smarts.


All learning is dependent on feedback. The faster the feedback, the faster you can learn. Thus, in many domains, the individual, team, or organization with the fastest feedback cycle is the one that wins.

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