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James Clear quotes on minimalism

Author of the #1 NYT bestseller Atomic Habits. I write about building better habits.

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Success is largely the failures you avoid. Health is the injuries you don't sustain. Wealth is the purchases you don't make. Happiness is the objects you don't desire. Peace of mind is the arguments you don't engage. Avoid the bad to protect the good.


Clarity is the elimination of mental clutter. Agility is the elimination of physical clutter. Tranquility is the elimination of spiritual clutter.


The ultimate form of optimization is elimination. Nothing is more effective than removing the ineffective.


“Measure twice, cut once.” Avoid wasted effort. “Build once, sell twice.” Multiply your effort.


Wild success requires aggressive elimination. You can't be great at everything.


There are 3 ways to break a bad habit. 1. Elimination - cut it off entirely. 2. Reduction - drop to the desired level. 3. Substitution - replace the bad habit with a good one. All three can work. It just depends on what you want to achieve.


A life well-lived is a life well-edited. Prune away the inessential. Pour yourself into what remains.


Minimalism is not about reducing life to the fewest amount of things, but about filling it with the optimal amount of things


Minimalism side effect: when you have less, you appreciate what you have more. That's powerful because gratefulness is a key to happiness.

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