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Author of the #1 NYT bestseller Atomic Habits. I write about building better habits.

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Optimize for tomorrow—as in, literally, one day from now. Save to be a little richer tomorrow. Exercise to be a little fitter tomorrow. Read to be a little smarter tomorrow. 1% better every day.


Daily use items that are worth spending more on than the average person: -shower head -garbage can -bath towels -office chair We rarely view basic items as investments, but the things we use everyday can provide a little joy with every use if they are well made.


The tension of life: Thinking only of today degrades the experience of tomorrow. Delay gratification. Thinking only of tomorrow degrades the experience of today. Don’t wait to begin living. Invest in your tomorrows and savor your todays. A delicate balance.


An expense gives you back less than what you put into it. A transaction gives you back roughly the same as what you put into it. An investment gives you back more than what you put into it. Many things look like investments, but are actually expenses.


When invested wisely, time compounds faster money.


A principle for writing, investing, and life in general: It is much easier to notice when something is working than to predict ahead of time if it will work. Take action, make many small bets, and run lots of quick (but thoughtful) experiments. Then, double-down on the winners.


Assumptions that are good to operate by even if they aren’t always true: -The competition is smarter and better funded than you. -Without a great product, nothing else matters. -Projects will take 50% longer than expected. -10 minutes early is 5 minutes late.


Investors famously look for ideas that are “huge, if true.” But the mind is wired to believe ideas are “true, if huge.” We trust what others trust: users, reviews, word of mouth, consensus. This is the conundrum of investing. Every great opportunity initially feels untrue.


What things require a period of intense focus up front to become established, but persist & continue to perform after you move on to something else? -writing books about evergreen topics -saving & investing in passive index funds -outsourcing yourself from a business

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