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Author of the #1 NYT bestseller Atomic Habits. I write about building better habits.

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You can be happy with who you are and still want to be better. You can love your body and still want to improve it. You can appreciate your financial state and still want to improve it. Progress doesn’t require self-loathing. You can feel successful along the way.


Anticipate, but don’t expect. Anticipation: You’re excited for what the future holds, but you don’t try to control it. Expectation: You try to predict the future and restrict your happiness to one outcome. Always be excited about the possibilities. Never be entitled to them.


Having good health isn’t everything, but not having it is. Having money isn’t everything, but not having it is. You don’t need 6-pack abs or a million dollars to be happy, but do yourself a favor and learn the fundamentals of fitness and finance. They bring a margin of safety.


Fact: Many studies have shown the ability to delay gratification is a crucial life skill and leads to greater success in a range of areas. Proposal: Those who appear to be good at delaying gratification are actually good at finding alternative ways to be satisfied in the moment.


Best arguments for goal setting: -Goals can motivate and inspire you -Goals make it easier to say no to distractions Best arguments against goal setting: -Goal setting overvalues the outcome, undervalues the process -Goals push happiness off to the next milestone


Each day: 1. Read something. 2. Share something. 3. Make something. Your health & happiness will improve and we'll all be better off for it.


In case anyone is wondering: 1. Writing a book is very not fun. 2. Launching a book is very fun. 3. Number 1 is what makes Number 2 possible. The height of your joy is linked to the depth of your sacrifice.


I'm still tweaking the recipe for happiness, but here's the recipe for unhappiness: comparing yourself to others.


3 ways to become infinitely happy: 1) Don't compare yourself to others. 2) Talk to strangers and make new friends. 3) Live in the moment.


The ideal form of work feels like play, but still accomplishes something useful and valuable. Joyful for you. Helpful to others.


Minimalism side effect: when you have less, you appreciate what you have more. That's powerful because gratefulness is a key to happiness.

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