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Author of the #1 NYT bestseller Atomic Habits. I write about building better habits.

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The person who learns the most in any classroom is the teacher. Lesson: If you really want to learn a topic, then “teach” it. Write a book. Teach a class. Build a product. Start a company. The act of making something will force you to learn more deeply than reading ever will.


5 things to consider removing next year: -one toxic person -one annoying customer -one topic that robs your attention -one belief that’s holding you back -one commitment that isn’t worth the effort You don’t have to add things to your life to improve it.


Your identity can hold you back: -I'm terrible with directions. -I have a sweet tooth. -I'm bad at math. ...or build you up: -I'm the type of person who doesn't miss workouts. -I finish what I start. -I read every day. Build habits that reinforce your desired identity.


Build small habits, but make big plans. (1) Keep your daily actions small. Strive to get 1% better every day. (2) Keep your daily mindset big. Think about how you can play a bigger game. Always start small. Never play small.


Italy is known for tomatoes. Thailand for chilies. Germany for sauerkraut. But tomatoes originated in Peru. Thailand imported chilies from Central America. Sauerkraut started in China. Everything is a remix—and the world is better for it. Share what you know. Learn from others.


The most overlooked and underappreciated growth strategy is patience. (More specifically, consistently producing great work over a long time horizon.)


Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.


Exceptional teachers not only understand their topic, but also know why someone might misunderstand it. Great writers, coaches, & leaders know the mistakes their readers, players, & employees are likely to make. You want a master who remembers what it is like to be a beginner.


To achieve success, you must be willing to take risks. To take risks, you must be willing to be vulnerable. Therefore: To achieve success, you must be willing to be vulnerable.


Everyone ages at the same rate. One second at a time. Not everyone feels the same age. Master your health habits and you can buy yourself more time. Not everyone learns at the same rate. Master your learning habits and you can make more of the time you have.


The odds of success increase if: -you get more shots on goal -there is more than one way success can occur -there is a long time frame in which things can go right -you pursue a subset of strategies where the typical performance is better than the overall average.


If you're broke, you want the get-rich-quick scheme to be true. If you run a startup, you want the questionable growth metrics to be true. It's easy to fool yourself when you want to be fooled.


Focus collapses your options in the short-term, but expands them in the long-term.


We hold onto our flaws because they are insurance for our failures. Every fear serves a purpose. When we cling to unhelpful beliefs and old fears, we can blame failure on them. Growth requires the courage to give our best effort and not blame our flaws as the cause of failure.


Evolution is not what is created, but what is eliminated. Natural selection occurs via gradual destruction. Many suboptimal characteristics persist because they are not bad enough to prevent survival. It is not the strong who survive, but the weak who get cut.


1. Every marketing strategy is easier with a great product. 2. Without a great product, no marketing strategy will sustain you.

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