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Old money: Property. New money: Intellectual property.


Money is what we need to buy time to earn what money can’t buy.


Financial servitude: Earn, spend. Financial freedom: Earn, invest, earn, spend.


The only two ways to get wealthier: 1. Earn more. 2. Spend less.


Wealth acquisition: Build once, sell twice. Wealth preservation: Buy once, earn twice.


Wealth isn't money. Wealth is options.


Wealth is created by creating products that answer the call of: Greed Lust Envy Sloth Gluttony Pride Anger Pick one, build, get rich.


To get rich, build a business. To stay rich, buy a fraction of many businesses.


Money is what you can count. Wealth is what you can't.


Benefits of living aggressively below your means: - Much higher tolerance for risk - Retreat from meaningless status competitions - Learn the power of compound interest - Make decisions on longer time frames - Appreciate indulgence - The ability to say “no” frequently


Financial literacy observation: Barely anyone evaluates their spending against their post-tax income. How to fix it: Assume everything you buy is twice as expensive, or do the math on what you actually earn.


If you want something, you have to pay for it. - Time - Energy - Money - [Insert Emotion] Once you realize everything has a cost, spend accordingly.


Create more than you consume. Earn more than you spend. Listen more than you talk. Give more than you take.

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