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How to build a good business: Build an awful business. How to write well: Write terribly. How to sell well: Sell badly. If you won’t tolerate bad, you can't get good.


"Success" is sustaining a high tolerance for failure.


Good things come to those who don't wait for permission.


You win some, you lose most.


We should pay more attention to energy as a success metric. Ruthlessly cut things that reduce your energy, incorporate things that increase it.


"Success" is getting stuck in the right feedback loop.


We are successful to the extent we make others successful.


We succeed by reducing friction. Between thinking and doing. Between waiting and asking. Between trying and failing.


Your ideas are valuable. Your success is valuable. Your failure is valuable. Your process is valuable. Your experience is valuable.


The best things in life are free to own but expensive to retain.


There are no secrets, but you do have to be incredibly patient to learn a few things that matter. - A good reputation is an economic insurance policy. - Compound interest is incredibly powerful. - It's very hard to succeed doing things you don't like.


Excel by embracing responsibility.


How to get what you want: Make other people look good.


The most valuable information is generally what you're the least willing to share. There's far more to learn from failure than success.

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