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Overthinkers are underpaid.


If the internet isn't making you richer, you're doing it wrong.


Clear thinking is a luxury amplified by financial independence. The rich get calmer, the poor get angrier. The cycle continues, the gap widens.


To make money while you sleep, figure out how to help people while you sleep. How? Build things that educate, enable or entertain without your physical presence. This process forces you to create better things, because you have to figure out how it'll work without you.


To get started, find a problem. To get paid, find a market.


The more people realize they can work from anywhere, the more people realize they can get paid from everywhere.


The game is figuring out how to get paid to play.


The internet breaks the old paradigm of needing to show up somewhere physically to get paid. Use content to clone yourself.


The difference between knowing what you know and getting paid for what you know: Publishing your work.


Your attention is an asset. Wherever you direct it, someone’s getting paid. Most of the time it’s not you. Allocate accordingly.


Imagine a world where you could get paid around the clock by selling your ideas to anyone with an internet connection. In this new reality, all you'd have to do to make this happen is make things you love and keep talking about them. No need to imagine. You already live there.


Your time is worth as much as you can convince somebody to pay you for it.


Charge for the outcome, not the input.


The upside of promoting yourself: - Financial freedom - Network growth - New opportunity The downside: - People who can't help you with any of the above might not like it


If you want to make independent income, get comfortable promoting yourself.


Maneuver yourself into a position where your income doesn't depend upon your physical location.


Reputation is a proxy for future earnings.


The precursor to doing something well and getting paid handsomely: Doing it terribly, for free.


Figuring out how to make money is more valuable than figuring out what to do with money you don't have.


You get paid by knowing a lot about a little. You get popular by knowing a little about a lot.


The internet is an environment where incremental change creates exponential outcomes. The more you iterate, the more people you reach, the more change you create, the more money you make.


To get noticed more, be unique. To get paid more, be uniquely useful.


The internet allows you to fix the disparity between your value and your income.


Use the internet to get paid to do your thing.

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