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Jack Butcher quotes on creation vs consumption

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If you have time to consume, you have time to produce.


Consume to feel smarter. Produce to get smarter.


Information is like food: Consuming more than you need is comforting in the moment but it always slows you down.


The future is millions of decentralized creator businesses.


The two sides of the internet: Consume to turn your time into other people’s assets. Produce to turn other people’s time into your assets.


Consumption makes you feel better, production makes you get better.


Most people are more worried about being copied than making something worth copying.


1. Creator-market fit. (what you like) 2. Content-market fit. (what you make) 3. Product-market fit. (what you sell)


Consuming information doesn't make you smart. Applying information makes you smart.


The quality of what we consume is measured by what we produce.


How to take the ceiling off your income: Build something you can sell twice.


Value creation: Find something people don't want to do and ask them to pay you to do it for them. Not complicated.


Observation: Most “creatives” are bad at leveraging their assets. They’re afraid to repeat themselves, and stop doing what works before it stops working.


Attention span arbitrage: Your attention span for x is greater than most. You use your attention span for x to create things for people that like x but don't have your attention span for x. Profit.


Producers earn. Consumers spend.


The moment in which this sentence was written no longer exists, but you’re still reading it. This is a meta example of digital content leverage. Assets are produced once, and consumed twice.


Create more than you consume. Earn more than you spend. Listen more than you talk. Give more than you take.


More people on the internet than ever before. More people on social media than ever before. More people consuming your content than ever before. Cement your online reputation before everyone goes back outside.


Convince by creating.


Supply and demand on social media: Demand (from consumers) is off the charts. Attention is a liquid resource that increases every day. Supply (from producers) is still relatively scarce. Quality product from new entrants can capture massive market share.

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