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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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When you gain momentum, aim to keep it. It can be easily lost. Act like your life depends on it. Momentum is quite a powerful driver.


Startups need early believers.


This is a never ending thread of the very best online content and resources for early stage startups. Relevant for both self-funded/bootstrapped and venture backed pre-seed/seed stage companies.


Starting a business teaches you how to get things done with very little. Growing a business teaches you how to be data-informed. Scaling a business teaches you about yourself. You’ll never stop learning.


Let me just lay this to rest: 🚫 People don’t bootstrap their businesses. 👉 They self-fund them. 🚫 People don’t have lifestyle business. 👉 They have cash flow businesses.


Your best marketing copy is sitting in the customer’s mind.


Here are two questions to answer as you reflect on this year and think about the next one: 1. What should I do less of next year? 2. What should I do more of next year? Your thought process as you think through these questions is just as useful as the answers.


The way a person leaves a company says a lot about their true nature.


Build something people want to tell their friends about.


Profit sharing is the new IPO.


I was speaking to a room full of first-time founders today. I asked each person to share their #1 challenge. Half of them said, “there is too much to do” or some variation of that. My response was to tell them that they need to find the one thing worth focusing on right now.


Three reasons people think lean startup and minimum viable products (MVPs) are garbage. 1. They think MVP means build something instead of learn something. 2. They think a MVP means broken or incomplete. 3. They don’t want to believe that they could be wrong about their ideas.


Startup life can be summed up in three steps: 1. Find problem 2. Fix problem 3. Go back to step 1 Works for every thing you need to do in a startup. Growth is determined by a combination of how fast you can go through the steps successfully and how long you can keep at it.


Old: Software as a Service New: Service as a Software


Very rarely does building in private for months result in something people want to use.


If you want to be happy, don’t start a business. Start one because you can’t imagine doing anything else.


Learn to write really well. It’s the one skill that’s guaranteed to improve your life. Countless benefits come when your writing improves. One of the most important ones is that you’ll be more easily understood when you communicate with other people.


Basic ways to maintain consistent energy throughout your day: ☕️ Reduce (or quit) caffeine 🍩 Limit sugar 🥗 Eat when you are hungry 💧 Drink lots of water 😊 Move past negative emotions 👶 Start things with baby steps 🧘🏻‍♀️ Meditate What do you do?


Everything changes once you realize that you are the only person in your own way. Nobody else is getting in the way of what you want.


Product development never ends because solving problems for customers is a never ending journey. Each problem you solve leads you to the next one.


Being hard on yourself is the fastest way to grow. Don't wait for someone else to do it. That's lazy. Don't be lazy about self-improvement.


The people who personally grow the fastest have one thing in common: they are able to thrive within constantly changing circumstances.


Note to my younger self 🤓 When you start, you can only make educated guesses about where you’ll end up. Don’t worry. Everyone who starts things ends up in unexpected places. Enjoy the journey and adapt along the way as things change. You’ll be happier this way.


The fastest way to learn is to act like you know nothing.


When everything feels like a priority nothing gets prioritized. If your efforts are scattered, outcomes will be too. Discipline and persistence lead to unimaginable outcomes. Basic steps to take when you’re struggling: 🤔 Prioritize 🎯 Focus 🤓 Execute 🧠 Review ⚡️ Repeat


Startup people get obsessed about their work and can burnout as a result. Healthy obsession starts with personal habits that prevent you from burning out.


Context switching is the superpower, not multi-tasking.


I would pay for the notes people take when reading books.


Remote work is just work. Because software is everywhere.


One of the worst recurring problems that companies of all sizes have is keeping people around who aren’t working out.


The physical location of where you start your business doesn’t matter anymore. Not because of remote work. Because of the infinite access to information and people that the Internet has unlocked. This is why single person sustainable companies can exist today. The Internet.


Remote work is here to stay.


Written communication is how work gets done in a distributed environment. That’s the secret.


Stop: Watching Waiting Needing Fearing Hating Start: Doing


First to market is less important than first to scale.


Customers don’t care about how your product works. They only care about how well it works for them. And that’s exactly what you should care about too.


When you start a business your job is to do everything. As you grow a business your job is to find and convince other people to do 99% of what you used to do. Both sets of skills are required to scale yourself and the business you created.


Newsletter fatigue is coming. I’m 100% sure of it.


Don’t get so caught up in learning that it slows down your doing.


When you make a mistake, own it. Simple and very effective rule.


Recognizing another individual’s potential before they do is an underrated human skill.


Do fewer things extremely well.


It took me way too long to internalize the fact that if you don’t ask for what you want, the answer is no anyway.


Managing a remote team is not the same as managing a work from home team.


Reflecting on what you did in the past will improve your future. Without reflection your mistakes will likely repeat. This is true in all parts of life. Personally and professionally. Take the time to reflect. With success and with failure. Your future self will thank you.


Nothing beats people caring for other people. In life and in business.


There is rarely ever a substitute that you will find to doing the work. Everything great that exists in this world was a result of people doing the work. Trying to find magic bullets or shortcuts will waste your time. Figure out what work you need to do and then go do it.


Not everything you do will work. That’s ok. Don’t let it stop you from starting.


Products that target a large market don’t usually start by boiling the ocean. They build incrementally after finding a hugely valuable solution to a single pain point. It’s too easy to look at a company after it’s scaled and believe the opposite - that they started with it all.


You can always build less to ship product faster.

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