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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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Remote work is just work. Because software is everywhere.


The physical location of where you start your business doesn’t matter anymore. Not because of remote work. Because of the infinite access to information and people that the Internet has unlocked. This is why single person sustainable companies can exist today. The Internet.


Remote work is here to stay.


Managing a remote team is not the same as managing a work from home team.


Working from phone is the new working from home.


Successful distributed work is a result of coordinated asynchronous communication.


Soon, we won’t be able to tell the difference between a Workday, Workplace or Workspace.


We’re never going back to the office as we knew it.


The maker movement is here. Anyone can be a maker. With just a computer or even a phone, no matter who you are or where you live, you as an individual can make complex experiences that live on the Internet for others to consume. There’s magic in the air.


Lots of declarations about the office being dead, forever. Truth is, the future of work is uncertain and we just don't know yet.


The past, present and future of work is distributed. This has been a fact since the Internet came along. We’re not doing anything new, the tools are just getting so much better.


The move to online-first everything is going to accelerate at a breakneck speed. Driven by both fear and necessity. It’s not just about remote work. It’s about businesses being able to continue growing without relying on in-person meetings and events.


Many companies are learning the challenges of remote / distributed work first hand right now.


Working from home is the new normal. Nobody predicted this.


Offices are closed. Co-working spaces aren’t open. Kids are home from school. This isn’t your normal remote work situation. Everyone’s getting pushed into working from home. And it’s happening really fast. The transition has been messy.


The new "working from home" is "working from my phone."


Once you get past all the remote work advice, you’ll realize that you only need to focus on one thing to become excellent at it.

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