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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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Very rarely does building in private for months result in something people want to use.


Customers don’t care about how your product works. They only care about how well it works for them. And that’s exactly what you should care about too.


Products that target a large market don’t usually start by boiling the ocean. They build incrementally after finding a hugely valuable solution to a single pain point. It’s too easy to look at a company after it’s scaled and believe the opposite - that they started with it all.


You can always build less to ship product faster.


The customer doesn't care about your excuses as to why their experience with your product sucks.


If your product can’t be unique, your brand has to be.


Choosing a product ship date is like predicting the weather.


“Build something people need” is the new “build something people want”


People will jump through a lot of hoops and friction to use your product if the value proposition aligns with a really timely and strong need for them.


When discussing a product, I try to avoid talking about the features I want. Instead, I talk about problems the product solves for me. And how it can solve those problems and other related problems better. This shift in framing makes me better at building my own products.


Many people have built personal brands by giving generic, repetitive advice framed in a slightly different or not so slightly different way.


Product people like to Product so they create new product development frameworks all the time. Most are focused on how to get teams to collaborate. Instead of how to deliver the most customer value in the shortest amount of time. Know what you are prioritizing when Producting.


Product *and* distribution. The answer isn’t one over the other.


New products need early believers as much as they need early adopters.


We are in the era of software commoditization. Features and even benefits are now interchangable between products. Differentiation comes from brand, distribution and speed of execution on whatever moats you can create around the core value you deliver to customers.


Every step of a product’s new user experience should be weighed against the retention improvement it can produce.


Opinions create new products.


An opinionated product gets people to share their opinion about it. Thus, reinforcing the opinions of the creators and intention behind the product. It’s like building word of mouth into your product.


SaaS categories feel like a rave when they are so crowded that every product is high on features and indistinguishable from the rest while trying to market bells and whistles.


The next wave of social products will literally be in your ears.


When building products, prioritization is commonly discussed and debated. Rarely discussed and equally important: Sequencing


The best product people relentlessly pursue customer value. Without bias.


I always wonder what happened internally when software updates make a product harder to use.

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