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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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Starting a business teaches you how to get things done with very little. Growing a business teaches you how to be data-informed. Scaling a business teaches you about yourself. You’ll never stop learning.


Three reasons people think lean startup and minimum viable products (MVPs) are garbage. 1. They think MVP means build something instead of learn something. 2. They think a MVP means broken or incomplete. 3. They don’t want to believe that they could be wrong about their ideas.


Learn to write really well. It’s the one skill that’s guaranteed to improve your life. Countless benefits come when your writing improves. One of the most important ones is that you’ll be more easily understood when you communicate with other people.


Being hard on yourself is the fastest way to grow. Don't wait for someone else to do it. That's lazy. Don't be lazy about self-improvement.


The people who personally grow the fastest have one thing in common: they are able to thrive within constantly changing circumstances.


The fastest way to learn is to act like you know nothing.


Don’t get so caught up in learning that it slows down your doing.


Don’t take things personally. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. Stop worrying about things and take action instead. Change is constant, get comfortable with it. Turn mistakes into lessons before you forget about them. What you think about is what you become.


Product development requires extreme attention to detail. They don’t teach you this in school.


Signing up for and using a lot of products on a regular basis is the best way to learn how to build great products. It’s like you literally start developing a taste for experiences that are good, bad, average, mediocre, frustrating, etc...


Startups teach you how to do more with less. This has to be experienced to be truly understood.


How to learn fast 🧠 💡 Discover your preferences 🎯 Skew towards what you discover 💪 Practice retaining what you learn 🤓 Experiment with related methods This process ensures you find what works best for you.


Teach yourself how to become the best possible version of yourself.


Constantly evolve yourself and help those around you do the same.


Learn to live with other people’s decisions that are out of your control or influence.


What goes unsaid for too long in relationships leads to disappointment. If you feel it, say it. Embrace the connection.


Want to strengthen a relationship? Communicate like the relationship depends on it. Life partners, business partners & close friends too.


Time is never wasted if you learn from it.


The ability to learn new skills quickly is a superpower everyone can have.


The more difficult it is to change something about yourself, the more likely that the change is important and will stick with you.

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