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I tweet about startups, growing businesses, and product strategy. Co-founder of @usefyi and @producthabits with @MarieProkopets. Past: @crazyegg & KISSmetrics.

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Your best marketing copy is sitting in the customer’s mind.


First to market is less important than first to scale.


Marketing doesn’t work unless you actually understand your customers.


Even if marketing isn’t in our job titles, we all do marketing.


The most difficult part of sales and marketing is getting used to the grind. Doing the same set of things over and over and over again. Sometimes with such mediocre results that you think about giving up right before striking gold.


All too often, in a startup marketing meeting we come to a slide which I call “the marketing sh!t list”. It’s a list of a dozen or so tactics. No data. No campaigns. No strategy. This isn’t how you do marketing. Start with your customer. First, find out where they hang out.


An opinionated product gets people to share their opinion about it. Thus, reinforcing the opinions of the creators and intention behind the product. It’s like building word of mouth into your product.

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